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[13 Jun 2006|01:24am]
[ mood | tired ]

The wee hours of Tuesday morning are being used to update the site (new interviews going up with Toronto's The Visit and New York's The Station Myth and they're both such amazing bands!)

So let's update while we're waiting on files to upload, shall we?

I mentioned that I was off to see BROOMFILLER, The Buck Brothers and The Junior Vice Presidents on Sunday night. It was at the Bovine, a sort of farewell to both NXNE and The Buck Brothers, who are headed back home to the UK. :( It was wonderful meeting them and catching a couple of their shows this weekend and I'll for sure be around when they come back again.

There were more than a few photographers there, most of them were really nice and tried to keep out of my way and I was nice and tried to keep out of their way too, it worked out pretty well, I don't have any random heads in my photos, but I do have a few people walking by in some of the video I took.

BROOMFILLER opened the show and they were awesome. Richard is a jumper. We all know how much I love that, or at least, you do now. With him, it's never forced, he doesn't do any wild gestures for the camera, it's just him. Here's a pic of their set.

The Buck Brothers were up next and I can't remember the last time I saw a set so plagued by tech issues, and at the same time, I've never seen anyone handle all that bullshit with such grace. An English thing? No, it's an Andy thing. Througout the set, aside from obvious issues like Andy's bass cutting out and losing his mic on more than one occasion, the strange looks on his face were from being shocked over and over again. Turns out there was a pool of something (I want to say beer, but we can assume it's water) on the floor and a mass of cables were right in the middle of it all. He was still all over the place, as was Pete (who actually ended up on the bar...), and Ali was tons of fun too, randomly coming out from behind the kit to shout something at the audience. He was having so much fun, there was some mooning going on. Here's a pic of their set.

The Junior Vice Presidents took the stage sometime around 12:30 and I was impressed. Really. These guys are a lot of fun to take photos of, they're all over the place, and the sheer energy coming off of Dave is nothing short of incredible. Too much fun, so here's two photos of their set.

As usual, I misjudged lighting for the off stage photos. I attempted one of myself with Pete and the drummer for BROOMFILLER, but it's amazingly dark. I also attempted yet again for a good one with Richard, and the set up was perfect, but the lighting not - just like the photo Ali and I tried to get. I'm really going to have to get over my issue of not wanting to turn on the blindingly bright light on my camera. Or I'll end up with a folder full of farewell photos that look like this: [Dropping it to grayscale helped somewhat with the editing, but not much.]

Goodbye Buck Brothers - Toronto misses you already!

This morning was a late start, as a result I'm not sure, but I didn't really feel human until sometime around 4 this afternoon. But I have gotten loads of shit done since then, so it wasn't a wasted day at all.
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amazing show, amazing people, good mail days and presents! [11 Jun 2006|09:24pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Lots to say, not a lot of time. I'm headed off to see The Buck Brothers (yes again) and BROOMFILLER (yes again) and also the Junior Vice Presidents, in less than half an hour.

Ok, the show on Friday was kick ass. It was lovely because as soon as I walked up to the Brunswick House, Ali, the drummer for the Buck Brothers, was there to greet me and take me in to show me where everyone was. I thought that was rad. Richard from BROOMFILLER and I have known each other online for many, many years, (when I was living in Sudbury) but we hadn't met in person, even after doing a couple of interviews together over the years. So it was neat to be able to meet him. He is beyond dedicated to what he does and he's really been something of an inspiration. Unfortunately I am messing around with a new camera, and I hadn't yet figured out how to get the light on the front going. The good news is I've since figured it out!

Of course, I was also there to see The Buck Brothers, visiting us from the UK. They were amazing on stage and just generally nice people. It helps that Andy has fallen in love with Toronto, because as we're all aware I am also in love with Toronto and hearing someone gush about it was sweet.

At some point I was introduced to 1/3 of the Junior Vice Presidents and he was wearing a tie. I swear it's true. So. Fucking. Awesome.

Aaaaand, as if that wasn't all great enough, it was a good mail day. It was a great mail day. Here's a pic of the loot unopened.

There were zines and CDs that I didn't really leap on right away, but this DVD is something I've been drooling over, and I watched the whole thing right away as I was opening the rest of the mail. Official review to come soon, but it kicks ass and you should really pick up a copy.

And the sweetest package of the day was from Phillia, she dreams up and creates all the clothes at PH by Phillia. I did an interview with her a couple of months ago and she sent me a present! Now to get my shoulder tats fixed up....

No links in this entry, I know, but I have to go. I'll edit it later and put them in. :)</p>
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Light night [09 Jun 2006|10:08pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Yes, Toronto is in the throws of NXNE and it's glorious. At first I had planned on going to a frenzy of shows all weekend, but most of the bands I was going to rush all over to see are local and play downtown all the time. So I'm taking in bands from afar!

I'll write more when I get back, just having another dash of coffee before heading out...

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[08 Jun 2006|01:33pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Okok, I'm updating. See? I am surprised by how many non-LJ users are encouraging me to update. Some people would like to see this space be used to talk about what's up with Virus, some people want to see updates about goings on in Toronto, and others still just want me to post so they can get a general idea of what's going on with me without the two hour long distance phone conversation. So, this is going to be all of that rolled in to one. Everything I'm up to that isn't terribly personal. Terribly personal things deserve the long distance phone call. Right?

Well, I haven't updated in quite a while and there's a lot to talk about, but I'll skip to meeting Emerson Dameron (Wherewithall zine) and Toronto's own singer/songwriter, Snoovy on the Perpetual Motion Roadshow's stop in Toronto a couple of weeks ago at the Gladstone. Nikki and I arrived late. We're really trying to get better at it, but it seems when we're together we take much longer to get anywhere than when we go alone. We arrived close to the end of Emerson's reading, but thankfully he did something of an encore. Next up was Tanis Hideout, reading from her new book Delineation (so awesome btw), and then Snoovy played. This shindig was held at the Gladstone, as I mentioned, but Toronto residents take note, it was in the Art Bar of the Gladstone, so we were all packed like sardines. The wall they added to create this space is so very NOT soundproof that the readers and Snoovy were overtaken by the karaoke night in the Melody Bar next door. Instead of getting frustrated, they all took it in stride. Really, how can you get mad when all you can hear is Devo's Whip It?! That was so funny! The crowd was great and we met some really neat people that night. For reviews of what I picked up (Wherewithall #3, Delineation, and Snoovy's new disc) will be up on the site within a week or so, I'm catching up.

Then, last weekend we attempted to go to the Toronto screening of the indie flick, Things to Do directed by Ted Bezaire, but as usual, we ended up leaving too late and by the time we were close to the show we were already about half an hour late. I was/am so bummed about it! Hopefully, I'll have another opportunity to see it soon.

Virus has been keeping me busy, of course. I have moved away from writing articles from every interview I do, and I've started posting the raw interviews again. Why? Several reasons, thanks for asking. I often get back interviews that are so detailed, the concept of rewriting it all into an article makes little sense, all the info is there and presented well, so why should I mess with it? And also, there are just so many projects I want to cover and this allows me to cover more, so it's also a time thing. I haven't stopped writing articles, I'm just not doing it for every interview.

New interviews going up over the next couple of days include; Russell Chapa, a fun piece on Valiant Death Records, Western Civ, Bryan Lavigne, The Visit, THE STATION MYTH, Scarlet Speedster, Special Ops and Hen House Studios! Reviews of Artichoke #8, The Ms. Films DIY Guide to Filmmaking, the Winzenried CD, and the new Racecar CD. Heaps more stuff coming up after that of course.

Nikki and I are also working on putting together a fundraiser for the Thumbs Out project. It's a hitchhiking race/adventure across Canada - 7 teams of 2 start off in Halifax and race to Vancouver armed with videocameras. When everyone gets back home, Alex of Nevermore Filmworks is putting together a documentary on the whole thing! Awesome idea, right? Right. Funding is the issue, as it usually is with great ideas. So hopefully we can help them out.

Ok, and as promised local stuff coming up I think is worth checking out:
(I'll be at some of these shows, but in the interest of not provoking stalkers, you'll just have to guess - and I'm linking to MySpace pages instead of band websites so you can have a quick listen)

Friday, June 9
BROOMFILLER - 9pm - The Brunswick House
The Famous - 11:30pm - The Black Bull
The Miniatures - 11:30pm - The Horseshoe

Saturday, June 10
The Outfit - 9pm - Rancho Relaxo
Buck Brothers - 10pm - Rancho Relaxo (all the way from the UK)
Norton - 11:30pm - Crowbar (all the way from the UK)

Sunday, June 11
The Buck Brothers & BROOMFILLER at The Bovine!
and as always, I recommend Sunday Night Live with The Sketchersons at the Brunswick House.

I think that's enough for now. I took a page from Tim of +nurse's book and made this post link heavy, I think it works, thanks Tim!

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[18 Apr 2006|08:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today I mailed out a little package to Alex, of all the people I should write letters to, she's at the top of the list and there are a couple in the works. When I was at the post office I noticed there was a new gal working there, and she seemed nice. I gave her Alex's package and then a posty came to get her stuff to take it out to deliver, and this new gal had to sign for it, and when she did, the posty asked her for her name so she could record it. It was the name of a girl I was really good friends with in junior high. So I asked her if she said her name was 'insert what I heard'. She looked at me a little closer and launched in to the whole 'wow I haven't seen you in so long, do you live around here we'll have to get together' sort of thing. It was sweet, and since she works at the post office now I imagine I'll be seeing her quite a bit.

And my package from Bake Sale Designs arrived (thanks Rebecca!). I have to share in the glory that is the Pumpkin Swirl tote. I am in love. I also got a very rad hotpat thing so as to not destroy the counter (anymore). Everything was wrapped in tissue paper, tied with a bow and stuck with a sticker. So very awesome.

Tonight is devoted to writing for the Cyclone piece, and maybe a review or two.
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Learning about LJ... [17 Apr 2006|05:08pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Since I revived this journal earlier this week, I've done pretty much nothing but post lists. A real update is probably a good idea.

Reviews are finally coming together. The first lot of zines I ordered from Parcell Press (hi Taylor!). I devoured them as soon as they got here, but I didn't write about them right away. Then I got a package with several books from Microcosm (hi Alex!). The books were wonderful, but again, I didn't write about them right away. I also ordered two issues of The Pleiades from Miranda and Nikki swiped them both! I've written several reviews now and I'll get them up tonight.

I'm also working on my biggest undertaking to date, writing a piece on Cyclone Records and ten of the bands on their roster. It's actually working out really well, because these ten all have something interesting happening to write about. And Cyclone itself is so different in it's approach to working with bands, and just the way they work in general.

We're also cooking something up with Nevermore Filmworks, but I'll go on about that in a few days.

I'm really living and breathing the site these days, but I'm also reading Hal Niedzviecki's Ditch. I'd love to say that I knew he had written this and as a die hard Broken Pencil reader, I picked it up, but that's not what happened. I was in She Said Boom on College and pressed for time, I walked over to the bookshelf that always seems to do it for me and selected two books. The Fuck-Up and Ditch. Then I picked up the new Broken Pencil, a cute little zine called 19 Pictures of Boys in Bands, and some incense. It wasn't until after I had finished reading The Fuck-Up (aces, by the way), that I realized who wrote Ditch. I adore that it's set in Toronto, but that's a given for me.

I'm not knitting as much these last few weeks as I was before, but I still pick up these skull mittens I'm making for my dear friend Dann. I'm greatly muddled by the thumb. I'm knitting it in the round on double pointed needles, so everything was fine from the cuff to the row before the thumb. Then on the row where the thumb begins, I put the thumb stitches on a holder and finished the round. But when you get back around to where the thumb stitches are, what do you knit then?! So yeah, they're in a basket, but I refuse to give up on them, so I think I'll be taking them over to The Knit Cafe for some help.

And letter writing! I'm an ass with letters and it's a really big deal to me to stop being that way. I get really excited, I write an awesome letter and it sits, in an addressed envelope on my desk for weeks. I'm trying out a system to actually keep current. I have a little package for Alex, and Richard has a little package for Annabelle. I could just die from how cute it is. Now I'm feeling inspired and I have some nice stationary...

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